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Some Of The Best Drone Techniques You Should Know About

Some Of The Best Drone Techniques You Should Know About

From the year 2013, the aerial photography devices have been the talk of the town. 2014 was the year of going mirrorless, and 2015 was the year of drones finally. Drones are the aerial vehicles that are added by photographers to their arsenal. Drones can capture amazing shots, but you should know the exact way of using it. Using a drone is not that easy task, and you need to learn the techniques. As drones get less expensive, aerial videography enthusiasts and filmmakers are getting more creative with photography. Some cinematography techniques must be mastered by every beginner to capture brilliant shots.


Aerial pan shot: the first and foremost technique

When you mount the camera on the tripod, you tend to capture the pan shots. Here in the drone, the tripod is substituted by the Gimbal. Aerial pan shot is complicated than the simple pan. In the drone, the visual effect is obviously better and much different. You may turn the pan left or onto the right while moving the drone backward and front to add sophistication to the shots. To capture the best shots, rotate the drone across the landscape.

Tracking shot

When the drone is parallel to the ground or subject, you need to match the speed of the drone with that of the ground to match the focus. Such shots are usually seen in the motion picture and at the sports event. Here you need to rehearse coordinating both things multiple times. Only by practicing, you can have perfect shots.…